Saby at Pololu Valley (Big Island of Hawaii) 1995
Saby at Pololu Valley (Big Island of Hawaii) 1995

My name is Sabina Anderson, better known in the Beady World as BeaderCat, Murphysbeads, or simply Saby, which is the way my friends call me.
I was born and raised in Rome (Italy) by two wonderful parents who, among the many things, taught me the love for nature and art.
I've been beading since 1998. At the time I was living in Kauai (Hawaii). One day, while checking out magazines at Borders, I run into a Bead & Button magazine and saw some beaded amulet bags. 
I decided to buy some beads and try to make one for myself...I've been hooked ever since.

I am totally fascinated by the beauty and variety of colors and shapes of beads. The combinations and structural possibilities are endless, so I always find something interesting to try.
My love for nature and particularly for the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, with their lush tropical vegetation, the volcanoes, the ocean, the rainbows and their mythology are a major source of inspiration for my creations. Oriental art is another passion of mine and I find it very inspiring as well.
My beadwork is primarily done with Japanese and Czech glass seed beads, but I usually like to incorporate a variety of semiprecious stones, fresh water pearls, larger glass beads, fossils and whatever I like and think that might fit into the project.
In the photo albums there are details about the materials and components I used for each piece.

Saby & Bubi.  Dec. 30 - 2007
Saby & Bubi. Dec. 30 - 2007

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