July 26, 2009

Beaded Bottle # 18

Beaded Bottle # 18
Beaded Bottle # 18



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Mia Johns on August 10, 2009 10:06 PM
Wow that is beautiful.
Saby on August 11, 2009 4:04 AM

Hey Sweetie Pie! :-)

Thank you bunches!

Sorry I missed you in chat... I was too tired and fell asleep.

I hope to get online earlier tonight.

Love you!
Hugs & smooches,


Victoria on August 10, 2009 8:33 PM
Hi Saby
Your work is always stunning.  You amaze me all the time with your artwork.  Thanks for taking a peek at my blog and your comment.  Very sweet of you. 

I hadn't notice too many participants on the Bead Art forum for the last few months.  Is everyone away or what's happening? 
Bead On!
Saby on August 11, 2009 3:57 AM

Hi Victoria,
Thank you so much for your comment! :-)
I love checking out your work!

The Bead Art forum seems to be pretty much dead. Sigh! :-(
Apparently most people got into Blogs and Facebook, but a few of the Bead Art members (including me) are still posting on Beki's (Whimbeads) forum: All About Beads. Hope to see you there too!




frany on August 7, 2009 3:58 AM
Hi Saby... How are you little girl hihihi???
your work is really fabulous I love it !
Saby on August 9, 2009 12:50 AM

Hi Frany,

Merci beaucoup ma chére! :-)
Little girl? Moi? Hahahaha what a joke! ;-)
I'm still alive...more or less....hmmmm
I hope everything's ok with you.


Leisa on July 27, 2009 10:30 AM
Beautiful!  I've been sitting here looking thru your site and everything is just amazing Murph.  Your beading never fails to leave me speechless.  I'm trying to get back into beading and this gives me inspiration.  Now where is that kick in the arse that I need?  Lots of hugs and kisses to your papa from us.
Saby on July 27, 2009 6:48 PM

Hi Leisa! It's so good to hear from you! :-)
Thank you so much for stopping by and for the compliments. I'm so glad to hear that you feel inspired to get back to beading. Where to start? Just get some bottles from the Vet and get out your beads! ;-)
I hope you're all doing well!

Lots of hugs and kisses from us,



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