May 25, 2010

Here's the reason why I've been a non-beading hermit for such a long time...

Bubi helping his mom with jewelry pictures.
Bubi helping his mom with jewelry pictures.

I've been too busy saving my precious baby's life!
As some of you may know, about a year ago, Bubi lost his appetite and with it a lot of his weight.
Blood test, ultrasound and check up showed nothing, so the Vet decided to try a medicine to cure gastritis (Bubi was vomiting and regurgitating too often to be normal).
During that time, it took me about 2 and 1/2 to 3 hours to get him to eat each of his two meals.
After the cure was over, I started to give him a vitamines paste and a malt based paste which works as a hair remover with the addition of some energetic stuff.
Back in February things started to get better and Bubi got most of his appetite back, so I also managed to increase the amount of his food.
He now eats in less than one hour, but I'm still struggling with trying to stop him from overgrooming, so he still needs lots of care. I need to comb him several times a day, sit on the floor to feed him and play with him more often, but that's the fun part. ;-)
Anyway, I'm so happy and thankful that he's still alive and feeling much better!

As a result of all the stress and heartache, I ended up with a bad depression and that's why I haven't been beading, nor partecipating to my favorite forums and blogs.
Sorry for neglecting posts and's been just too overwealming.
I hope to be able to be around a little bit more often, as I'm trying to crawl out of my cave.
Thank you Dulcey and Kathy for your comfort and encouragement!

Love and Hugs,


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