February 4, 2012

Over The Rainbow

Bubi...I miss you so much, sweet little baby...
Bubi...I miss you so much, sweet little baby...

Going through old photos can be a very painful and overwhealming thing to do, especially when the photos are those of loved ones who are no longer here.

The memories of my loved ones are indelibly printed in my heart, but I still keep their photos all over the house because somehow they make me feel a little closer to them.

After the loss of my husband, almost 8 years ago, I bought 2 albums and all the papers and stuff needed for scrapbooking. The original idea was that to make an album dedicated to my husband and our life together and the other one dedicated to my mom.
For several reasons, I never got around to work on either one of them.

About a month ago, I decided to "refresh" a few things on my website and while I was going through the links page to update them (they are all working now), I run into some nice scrapbooking sites. I started searching for ideas and instructions on how to make a layout and how to use the supplies I bought years ago.
One thing leads to another and I found myself digging again into boxes of photos, cards and messages I treasured throughout the years.

I decided that instead of making separate albums, I want to make just one big scrapbook that will include my most treasured photos, notes, quotes and special memories of my life with both my parents, my husband and my kitties.

My bed is currently buried under boxes and albums of photos, journals, cards, etc.  and it will probably stay that way for some time, while I'm trying to decide which pictures I want to include into my special memories scrapbook..

As I mentioned before, it can be and it actually is a very painful process, but it's something I really need to do, despite of the heartache and tears it is causing.


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