November 16, 2008

Remembering Cindy

Madame Pele. ~ The beaded face printed on canvas was made by Cindy McCornack.
Madame Pele. ~ The beaded face printed on canvas was made by Cindy McCornack.
Cindy was a wonderful bead artist and a dear friend of mine.
She always teased me because I was not interested in beaded dolls, (which were among her favorite things to bead). 
When she was diagnosed with cancer, a group of friends from the Bead Art forum decided to make some beaded dolls for her. It's only then that I decided to give it a try.
I will never forget how happy she was when I told her that she finally convinced me and that I was hooked.
I still treasure our emails and this is what she wrote to me when she got Pele:
<<OMG!!!  Saby, she's gorgeous!!!  You've totally outdone yourself this time.  For somebody who said she wasn't going to do dolls, you've certainly been bitten by the bug, haven't you??>>
I wish I could have beaded more dolls to cheer her up, but sadly Pele was the third and last one I made for her. 
Cindy died of her cancer just a month later on June 16, 2005.
She will always have a special place in my heart for her frienship and support and my gratitude for pushing me to try beaded dolls.
I really miss her.

You can read more about Cindy on Celticat's Special Memory page.


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