November 17, 2008

Mauna Loa ~ Days 31, 32, 33 & 34

Ohia Lehua, Protea & Ferns
Ohia Lehua, Protea & Ferns

I didn't like the Ohia Lehua flower, so I took it apart and redesigned it using a different green and making the stamens a little shorter.
I finished all the ferns and now I'm making another Protea flower.
It's probably too much stuff for the necklace, but that's good, so I will have a little extra for embellishing a couple of ufo boxes. ;-)


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frany on November 19, 2008 2:47 PM
oh Saby j'adore mais que nous réserves tu???? je suis sous le charme de toutes ces feuilles toutes ces couleurs..... je t'embrasse
Saby on November 20, 2008 7:13 AM

Hi Frany! :-)
Merci, merci...j'espère réussir à finir le collier parmi aujourd'hui et demain. Prochain le post… ;-)


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